Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Capricorn the tenth of the zodiac,its all about hard work. Those born under this sign are more than happy to0 put in a full day at the office,realizing that it'll likely take a lot off those day to0 get to0 the top. thats no problem,since capricorn are both ambitious n determined..they'll get there.Life is one big project for these folks n they adapt to0 this by adopting a bisnesslike approach to0 most everything they do..capricorn are practical as well,taking things one step at a time n being as realistic n pragmatic as possible. The capricorn-born are extremely dedicated to0 their goal,almost to0 the point of stubbornnes..those victories sure smell sweet,though n that though will keep capricorn going.
The GOAT symbolizes capricorn n an apt mascot it is. Goat lurf to climb to0 the top of the mountain,where the air is clear n fresh. In much the same way Capricorn want to0 get too the top of their chosen field so that they can reap benefits of success,namely fame,prestige n money.
Getting to0 the top itsn't alwayz a walk in the park,however so it's likely that Goat will ruffle a few feather along the way.These folk can indeed be domineering,even egotiscal on their root to0 the top.They'll tell u its part of being a leader wit
bright new ideas.

Thankfully Capricorn are patient to0 n are happy to0 wait for their ship to0 come in. The flip side to0 this stide behavior is that Goat can become quite unforgiving of those who aren't as diligent or ambitious as they are. Capricorn need to0 remember taht they d0 need allies along the way ambitious or any case,once Capricorn receive the recognition n social status they so0 fervently crave,its likely that all will be forgiven